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Do you ever return to the same restaurant?

return to same restaurant

Some people tell me they only go to a restaurant, pub or café once and that’s it. Even if they loved the food and service. They say they prefer to try every eatery available. I prefer to return to the same restaurant, pub or café if I really liked it. What about you?

What should I do before I turn 40?

to do before turn 40

I’m turning 40 this year and would love some ideas of things I should do before my birthday. Here’s what I’ve done so far, please share your ideas with me.

Is it possible to become ‘someone’ when you’re a mum?


Today, I want to discuss being more than “just a mum”, specifically becoming someone. Because we’re more than just mums.

Why waste time on celebrities when ‘normal’ people have more realistic lessons to share?

how to find happiness

Many people looking to spin their lives in the right direction tend to follow what “happy” celebrities or “happy” successful people are doing. You know, people way out of their league.

Why am I watching other people?

the watcher blog perth

I love people. I love watching them. I love learning from them. And I love laughing at them (and with them) when they do crazy stuff.