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noun: watcher; plural noun: watchers

a person who observes or watches whatever regularly.

synonyms: onlooker, spectator, observer, viewer, looker-on, witness, eyewitness, fly on the wall, sightseer; bystander, passer-by, non-participant; spy.

Hi, I’m Rhonda

I’m The Watcher. I’m a freelance writer and blogger and I live in Rockingham, Western Australia with my husband and our young sons. I’m into all sorts (as long as it doesn’t send me to sleep nor makes me want to pull my hair out), and I welcome ideas about topics to cover.

What I’m blogging about

The Watcher is where I’ll write about all sorts of things that are happening in my life or that come across my desk. These will include articles about:

  • Arts
  • Books
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Food
  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Travel
  • Writing

I’ll also occasionally write about what other bloggers are doing and how you can connect with them. I see myself as a curious explorer and street connoisseur going out and about trying to understand what I see, hear or read and asking “why” and “why not” as I reflect on my experiences and the interesting conversations that I have with interesting people.

I plan to interview people who have amazing stories to tell, and will run giveaways to give you something back for keeping up with me. I’ll link giveaways to reviews and share some tips and recommendations to help you enjoy what I’ve discovered.


My stories may sometimes be a little controversial. Hey, a blog isn’t a blog without a little controversy, right? Having said that, I promise to be polite and respectful.

My aim is to be frank and real here. Nothing wishy-washy or watered down.

The Watcher is about me watching what’s happening out there.

The Watcher is about what I learn from other people.

The Watcher is where I help you get to know others and discover new places to go, new things to do, as well as what I think you should totally avoid.

The Watcher is my personal blog.

If you love it, please participate in the discussions and share the blog with your friends.