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noun: watcher; plural noun: watchers

a person who observes something attentively or regularly.

“a people-watcher”

synonyms: onlooker, spectator, observer, viewer, looker-on, witness, eyewitness, fly on the wall, sightseer; bystander, passer-by, non-participant; spy.

Hi, I’m Rhonda

I’m a people-watcher. I’m nearing 40 and I live in Rockingham, Western Australia with my husband and our 10-year-old son. My husband loves sci-fi, and our son is nuts about Aussie animals. He also loves building stuff with Lego and writing stories.

I love discovering new places, going to the movies, trying new recipes and reading legal thrillers. I also enjoy a good non-fiction book that looks at life from the author’s perspective and exposes and mocks the things people do that irritate us.

I’m doing my best to stay fit (aren’t we all?) and that’s why I love walking and jogging along the Rockingham foreshore, one of the most beautiful beaches in Western Australia. My favourite DJ to listen to while doing this is Armin van Buuren.

I’m a big fan of comfy leather shoes and ankle boots. I hate wearing earrings (with a passion) and haven’t worn them for years.

I have really curly hair, and many women say they wish they could have my hair. And I’m like: “Pfft, yeah, right!” because they simply don’t understand that hair like mine is a real pain in the derrière. I wish I could make time to straighten it every day!

What I’m blogging about

The Watcher is where I’ll write about all sorts relating to my autism employment research, with a dash of my personal stuff that tie in with what I’m doing in my research.

I’ll also write about what I’ve discovered employers are doing (those who are not participating in my study). I see myself as a curious explorer and street connoisseur going out and about trying to understand what I see, hear or read about employment strategies and to ask “why” and “why not” as I reflect on my experiences and the interesting conversations that I have with people.

For so long, I’ve stuffed some deep autism employment questions into a jar. Questions which I feel I can’t just keep to myself for the rest of my life and left unanswered. I’d much rather share them on here with you and invite your participation rather than just attempt to guess the answers myself.

I plan to run giveaways to give you something back for keeping up with me. I’ll link them to reviews and share some tips and recommendations to help you enjoy what I’ve discovered.


My stories may sometimes be a little controversial. Hey, a blog isn’t a blog without a little controversy, right?

Having said that, I promise to be polite and respectful in my writing and to open up each post for you to discuss your views with me and to challenge my thinking.

My aim is to be frank and real here. Nothing wishy-washy or watered down.

The Watcher is about me watching what’s happening in autism employment research.

The Watcher is about what I advocate for people on the autism spectrum.

The Watcher is where I help you get to know those who are in the field and those who are employing people who are on the autism spectrum.

The Watcher is my personal blog.

If you love it, please participate in the discussions and share the blog with your colleagues.