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Do you ever return to the same restaurant?

do you return to the same restaurant

Some people tell me they only go to a restaurant, pub or café once and that’s it. Even if they loved the food and service. They say they prefer to try every eatery available. I prefer to return to the same restaurant, pub or café if I really liked it. What about you?

To me, it is not about how many eateries I can visit. I return for several reasons:

Reason #1: I know that the food was great the last time I went there, therefore I trust that it would be as great next time. I don’t want to be disappointed.

Reason #2: I want to try the other options available on the menu. However, I don’t always remember what I had last time, which can be super annoying sometimes. I should probably take photos of my orders for future reference!

Reason #3: My 10-year-old son loves Japanese food. But there are only two Japanese restaurants that he likes. So you’ll probably see us there every year on his birthday or when it’s his turn to choose where we eat.

Reason #4: If I want to go local, then my options are limited. I live in a small city. There are only a few local restaurants, pubs and cafés I haven’t been to and that’s because they’re Italian and I’m just not a fan of Italian food. I also keep two local cafés on my list for when I meet with clients.

Reason #5: Someone else chose where we’re dining, and I loved the food and service last time I went there. So, I say OK. If I didn’t like it last time I went, I will say so. If they still choose to go, I will just keep an open mind.

Having said all this, if it’s a special event, such as a birthday or Mother’s Day, then I definitely prefer to take guests to a restaurant that none of us have tried yet.

Your turn…

What about you? Do you return to the same eateries? Or do you prefer to try and eat at every single one and just tick them off your list.



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