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You already know what I write about here on The Watcher … and now I want you to share your awesomeness with my world!

Got a topic that will inspire, move and educate my readers? Perhaps a topic that will help them change their lives? I’d love you to share it with me.

Tell me about the amazing things you’re doing, share your work, adventures and stories with my readers.

How it works

Send me a quick email at hello@thewatcher.com.au introducing yourself and the topic you’d like to discuss. If you have a website, YouTube channel, podcast, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile, include it in your email.

If I believe your story would fit well on The Watcher, I’ll provide you with a list of questions for you to answer OR book a time for us to speak on Skype. You’ll then tell me about the amazing things you’re doing. I’ll turn this into a piece to be published on The Watcher.

I do this because I don’t want to simply copy and paste your media release or article. If my readers can find the same story angle elsewhere, why would they care to read it again here? You know what I mean?

Our interview may be about you, your work or what you’re doing that my readers should care about.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to feature every story thrown at me. So pretty please, do not take it personally if your story isn’t selected. Perhaps it’s just not the right angle or theme, so I may suggest something else in my response to your email.

If I do agree to feature you, I’ll let you know when your story is published.

Want to be featured on The Watcher? Send me a quick email to discuss.

Speak soon,